Dave Chandler

Tips on Using 15 Tools for Domainers

A Talk by Dave Chandler (CEO, We Do Outbound)

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July 26, 2020, 12:00 AM

12:00 AM - 12:30 AM

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Dave Chandler

Dave Chandler

CEO, We Do Outbound

We specialize in outbound email marketing at WeDoOutbound.com. Email campaigns work. They speak one-to-one, don't cost a lot , and they can reach thousands in moments. No wonder email marketing campaigns are used by most large companies. The best email campaigns produce leads and sales, of course. But there's another benefit: nurturing. Promotional emails can keep your company top-of-mind with customers as a familiar, friendly, and even helpful presence. So why doesn't everyone send emails all the time? Mostly because starting effective email campaigns can seem daunting to businesses who haven't done it before. It takes a lot of work and if done incorrectly all your emails will end up in spam folders. As you may know, you can get lists of business leaders from LinkedIn, however, they do not provide you with email addresses. We can get you the email addresses you need. Our team at WeDoOutbound.com has the experience you need. Feel free to contact me, Dave Chandler, to discuss your needs in detail.