Sevan Derderian

Director Of Brokerage, NameLot / NameSilo Domain Monetization Domain Brokerage Registrar and Registry Expert

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Sevan Derderian was born in Chicago and moved to Los Angeles at 5 years of age. Sevan's father was a vital influence on his life and career as he taught Sevan about the value and discipline of integrity. For 6 very productive years, Sevan worked at AT&T, hitting every sales goal and bringing in companies like Akamai Technologies and Apple One Staffing. His extensive training at AT&T School of Business and Technology paid off in a big way! He then moved into the Domain industry where he thrives today, working for some of the largest domain companies in the industry. Prior to, Sevan worked for Uniregistry, Oversee, and Thought Convergence. At Oversee, as Senior Sales Manager, he was responsible for bringing domain portfolio holders into the domain parking program as well as domain portfolio acquisition. In 2007, he secured a 10 million dollar domain portfolio acquisition. Sevan is also served honorably in the U.S. Air Force and received education there on top of his incredible street smarts, which have taken him far. For his numerous impressive sales achievements, he has received many much-deserved awards and recognitions. He is proudest, of course, of his children: Michelle, 21 and Kristina, 14. Fun pastimes for Sevan include hiking, cook outs, spending time with friends, as well as engaging in favorite hobbies, Fishing and Skiing. Sevan is blessed with the unique ability to engage clients' trust in his successful efforts to perform at highest level and provide everything they might need in any business setting. Bringing together Buyer and Seller in order to create the ideal business environment always results in solid business development for Sevan and his clients. In-demand and always advancing forward, Sevan Derderian is a genuinely honest and proven sales and tech professional whose integrity fosters enduring business relationships.

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NameSilo Introduces NameLot and Catch.Club

July 25, 2020, 11:30 PM
Arthur Poghosian Sevan Derderian