Jason Eisler

Founder & President, DNadvisor.com Founder & President of DNAdvisor. He is obsessively passionate about sales and the domain industry.

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Founder & President of DNAdvisor. I am obsessively passionate about sales and the domain industry. While I may not have more years of experience in the domain industry as many other domain brokerage firms, I am a highly motivated individual with an unstoppable drive and over 10 years of sales experience. I believe that not having been in the domain industry for years is actually an upside for our clients. As a young company, we are able to look beyond the firms that have been doing this for years and align our goals based on what the domain industry will be doing tomorrow. It also allows us to focus on our small, carefully hand selected clientele. At DNAdvisor we know clients are earned and not bought. This keeps us hungry to achieve more sales and ultimately work harder for the individuals we represent and serve.

Featured Publications: I have been featured in DNJournal (The Domain Industry News Magazine) – DMP (Domain Market Pro) and have been a featured guest on both The Domain Sherpa and Domain Name Wire Podcasts. And Most recently appeared as a speaker in Page Howe's TheDomainShow.com

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They Call Him 9

July 25, 2020, 08:30 PM
Jason Eisler