David Warmuz

CEO, Trellian.com, Above.com, Drop.com.au David Warmuz has been an industry-leading domain investor since 1997. David shares valuable insights on traffic monetization trends and opportunities.

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As CEO of Trellian, David has been instrumental in the launch of many award-winning online technology-based products and services over the last 23 years.

Investing in domain names since 1998, but the real growth in size and value of the company portfolio was built up in 2006. By 2007 the size of the domain portfolio was just too large to manage by hand. Testing the different monetization solutions available became far too time consuming to continuously analyze test data and manually point each domain’s traffic to the highest paying service month after month.

After showing our internal tools to a few domainer friends, at their urging, Above.com was released in 2008. A platform that uses big data and technology to automate the entire process. It was designed to send each domain visitor, in real time, to the highest paying monetization channel option.

This technology was made available to domain investors free of charge. His vision was to help all investors maximize the return on their domain assets while saving valuable time doing so and has since inception monetized over 20 million domains and generated over $500 million in revenues.

From the beginning, one of the biggest benefits offered by Above.com has been the ability of its Optimizer platform to increase traffic revenue by finding the highest paying channel for each domain visitor. To add extra revenue, Maximizer enables direct advertisers to bid premium rates for domain traffic.

Over the years, David has continuously used his domain investing expertise to add new features and benefits to Above.com. Most recently, focusing on the professionally managed domain portfolio services, a full turn key solution that gives domain investors their time back as we expertly manage domain registrations/renewals, generate greater monetization returns through accounts with higher revenue shares, while providing active domain brokerage to sell your domains.

Above.com’s Portfolio Manager offers domain investors the data needed to make smart portfolio management decisions and the tools needed to execute those decisions. Whether buying, selling, monetizing, registering, or renewing, Above.com provides exactly the right kind of data, tools, technology, and services needed to maximize your results.

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Above it All. Monetization to Marketplace

July 24, 2020, 12:15 AM
David Warmuz