Alvin Brown

Strategic Consultant | Publisher | Podcaster, Alvin W. Brown, Jr. is the Publisher of, a website launched in 2016 aimed at the specialization in domain name advertising strategies and best practices to grow your business.

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Alvin is also the founder of, previously Brownstone Strategies, an internet marketing and domain name investment company.  Through this venture, Alvin owns a portfolio of descriptive or generic domain names, geo service domain names and a number of websites.

Alvin considers himself to be an accidental domain investor, registering back in 2001 and a variety of domains related to personal and business ventures since that time.

Since 2013, Alvin has a great passion for leading, coaching and consulting businesses in the effective procurement, security and use of domain names.

Alvin combines his serial entrepreneur experience, a few successes and larger number of failures, with his internet marketing and domain name experience to provide authoritative and innovative insight for businesses should and should not use domains in their entirety.

In addition, Alvin also found Pop Rocket Labs, LLC, a internet media company, and Ladder Jumpers, LLC, a holding company.

Prior to specializing in the domain name investment industry, Alvin has spent the last 15 years in various professional roles and assignments relating to enterprise cloud automation, integration and virtualization, and software development.

Alvin is a graduate of DeVry University (BS in Telecommunications Management)  and Keller Graduate School of Management (MBA) both located in Irving, Texas.

Alvin currently resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and growing family.

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Tools for Your First Domain Development Idea

July 25, 2020, 11:00 PM
Alvin Brown